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What To Look For When Buying Outdoor Furniture

Shop smart when selecting outdoor furniture.

Creating a comfortable place on your deck or patio will greatly enhance your home’s appeal.  It will also quickly become a gathering place for family and friends to enjoy our great Texas weather.  Today’s outdoor spaces have become more versatile than ever, with kitchens and even areas for watching TV.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing an evening with friends and family, grilling an socializing in your own outdoor oasis.  Don’t overlook the opportunities provided by balconies and small garden areas, either: these cozy areas can become a great getaway for smaller gatherings or just a place to sit and enjoy a quiet morning.

The following tips for choosing the right outdoor furnishings will ensure you end up with the right pieces and avoid costly mistakes.  Careful planning will ensure that your outdoor space  is inviting for years to come .

1. Define the purpose of your space

Begin by thinking about how you will use your space.  Will it serve as a dining area on a warm summer nights?  Would you like to use it to host big backyard bashes?  Is it a peaceful place to read and enjoy a morning cup of coffee in solace?

Making a list of things you would like to do in the space will help determine how to best furnish it.  Dining table and chairs take up a lot of space and are not necessary if the area will primarily be used to hot evening cocktails, for example, where you should opt instead for ample comfortable lounge seating, several side tables and a fire pit instead.

2.Try a sit test

Take a seat before you buy.  Comfortable patio furniture will be used regularly.  Make sure you don’t end up with uncomfortable patio furniture, which might look good but not feel great for long-term lounging.  Avoid buying things you can’t test for comfort as looks can be quite deceiving.  Things like seat depth, pitch and cushioning are only discovered by trying them out.

3. Make sure it is easy to care for

It’s best to make sure that your hours spent outside are used for enjoying your space as opposed to maintaining it.  Quality outdoor furniture is easy to care for and will last for years.  Deep-seated, cushioned furniture is generally best used in a covered outdoor space where it won’t get direct exposure to rain and the elements.  If you have an exposed area to furnish, consider sling or wicker seating with minimal cushioning.  Cushioning will always increase comfort, but will trap atmospheric dirt and moisture and require periodic cleaning.  Fortunately, today’s high-tech outdoor fabrics clean easily, and high-quality cushion fill material drains quickly to avoid a wet seat and mold.

4. Select your style

When purchasing outdoor furniture, you are not limited to metal or wood.  Today’s outdoor furniture comes in a variety of colors and styles.  For stylish longevity, reserve bold splashes of color for cushions and accent pieces.  Your selections should coordinate with your home’s architectural style, such as traditional, modern, country or rustic.  Seek help from an outdoor furniture professional and look at all the different options to make your space memorable and something you can be proud of for years to come.

5. Invest in quality

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is never truer than with patio furniture.  Buying inferior furniture is actually more costly since it won’t last long and comfort and style are usually compromised.

The outdoor environment is tough, so quality materials are a must.  When shopping, ask about care instructions and warranties, and avoid the temptation to buy pieces that won’t last.  Be sure to look for cushion quality – good outdoor cushions are vastly different from cheaper, poorly engineered cushions with great differences in longevity.  Replacing outdoor cushioning is costly, but high-quality cushions will stand the test of time.

6. Look down

Ground your outdoor space by using an all-weather rug.  Advances in textile construction have brought durable outdoor rugs to the market.  Soft underfoot and rich in texture, an outdoor rug will bring style, comfort and definition to your space.

7. Don’t forget the embellishments

Your outdoor area can be enhanced with lighting, accessories and even art.  One favorite new innovation is the great breadth of solar lighting available.  From teak lanterns to cantilevered arc lamps, evening time is enhanced with easy-to-use solar-powered mood lighting.  Garden pottery, organic shaped end tables, fire pits and colorful umbrellas will round out your area.  The choices today are abundant and will give your space character.

Take a little time to plan your outdoor space, and you’ll greatly enhance and increase the usable space for entertaining in your home.  There is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors!