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It was my great pleasure to recently work on a condominium remodel for a single father and his son in the “W” Residential Condominiums” in downtown Austin, TX. The project entailed combining two condominiums into one large 2300 square foot space. The goal was to seamlessly meld both spaces into a sophisticated, contemporary, livable home.

Challenges in this project included a very long and narrow living space with one full wall of windows opposite the television wall and two large structural columns floating in the space on either end. To adequately fill the living room we selected an extra-long textured velvet sofa for comfort and durability  and we also recessed the cabinetry to save precious floor space. Special attention also had to be paid to the scale of the furniture in order to fit into the service elevator and through a single entry door. Solar shades were used in conjunction with silk draperies to prevent glare and reduce heat.

In this instance my client wanted glitz and glam, so every finish was carefully selected to achieve this end. We used luxurious leather, velvet and Lucite furniture in combination with silk draperies, metallic finishes, and chrome and crystal hardware. Interior finishes include porcelain wood tile, Carrara marble, wallpaper and Venetian plaster.

When designing a space or a complete home for a client I visit with them on location to “feel the space.” Understanding the architecture helps determine the volume and proportions, which are necessary in order to specify properly scaled furniture and to discern any special issues or limitations. This particular project was a joy to work on and the client couldn’t have been more pleased.

Dennis Myers