Our showroom features the finest home furnishings and décor in Austin, from modern-contemporary sofas and coffee tables to beautiful dining tables and area rugs—and much more. Whether your style is traditional, modern-contemporary or casual, you’ll find a glimpse of everything you need to create your unique and personalized space right here in our showroom.


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Liking Your Designer

We all know what it means when you say you “click” with someone. It means they get you! This phrase holds true when it comes to selecting an interior designer, as well. Being immersed in design all the time, often with one glance, a designer knows what needs to be done. But, it is important the client is comfortable saying yes or no to ideas that are presented and, there can be pitfalls. Your interior designer needs to have extensive product and design knowledge, among other abilities in order to achieve the solutions you want. Find your perfect connection by asking the designer if they are willing to work with your existing furnishings? Some designers may be fearful of hurting your feelings if they speak the truth, so make sure you are willing and able to hear opinions from a designer without taking offense.


Interior designers working in showrooms can often offer you more. Furniture lines and the products they offer are always changing, while the staff is continually exposed to the newest products in the marketplace. Designers often attend market to learn about the latest trends and manufacturer’s representatives provide in-depth product knowledge and information on the newest styles, finishes or fabrics coming soon. Extensive product knowledge increases a designer’s ability to provide you with the best and up-to-date solutions by determining what products provide the best solution for your project. Working in a large establishment also helps everyone understand the quality differences between various lines of furniture and what you are able to achieve at different price points.


Nothing is perfect, which is the very reason to consider hiring an experienced professional. They know how to read floor plans, they understand scale and proportions, they are able to specify custom furniture and fixtures, and provide accurate estimates. They are exposed to the latest marketplace offerings and have the ability to discern what a client needs, wants and can afford.


John-William Interiors offers the unique combination of an extensive showroom with high-end furniture displayed in room settings and they provide an extensive design studio full of fabric and finish options for customizing a piece to your exact specifications. You are able to compare different manufacturers, determine quality, view options, giving you confidence in pieces custom ordered for your particular needs. And, you have the added benefit of being able to touch fabrics, take finishes home to see if they match up with existing finishes with the ability to try things on approval, while our staff provides you with complimentary design services.


It is a perfect combination quality furnishings and complimentary design services.


David Fuller
John-William Interiors