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6 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

No matter what your situation is, sometimes the size of a space is less than ideal. Perhaps you are downsizing, or maybe you’re furnishing a small second home apartment in another city. When you’re trying to decorate a smaller space, there are ways to make it work and use decor or accessories to your advantage. Here are some tips to consider.


1. Use a large statement piece on a wall

While it may seem like using a large piece would take up precious space, hanging an oversized decoration on the wall, such as a picture of a sculpture, can make your space interesting — without taking up floor space. A grouping of smaller pictures or other items can make a space feel cluttered, so don’t be afraid to go big with one, dominant accessory

2. Keep your colors subtle

Keep the walls painted in a light, neutral color, if you want to introduce bold colors or textures to a space, do so with vibrant pillows, throw blankets and other accessories. If you choose to go with area rugs, keep the patterns simple to avoid creating a cluttered feel to the space. Your sofa should also be neutral, as well as any bed coverings and drapery. A neutral, quiet backdrop is essential for a small space.

3. Find a statement cabinet

Use a signature console or cabinet to anchor the main living area. A long, low credenza can often be used under art, or a TV can be hung above it. The cabinet will provide much needed storage space and serve as a solid architectural detail to support the design of the space. There are many options for cabinets, so consider interesting wood patterns, burl, oversized hardware and door decor.

4. Choose your lighting carefully

Ceiling fixtures can add interest and depth to a small space. Wall-mounted sconces over nightstands will give you the surface space that a lamp would otherwise take up. Floor lamps don’t need a table to sit on and can give needed light without requiring an entire table to support it. Tack lighting and cove lighting, when properly used, can give your small space warmth and visual comfort.

5. Keep it cohesive

There are only so many things that can work in a small space without making it feel cluttered or overwhelming. Keep it simple. Don’t choose too many color themes; try to stick to one or two at the most. Edit carefully and stick to the plan.


6. Use mirrors to add give the illusion of space

It’s an old trick — but mirrors really can give the illusion of extra space. Properly placed mirrors can make a small hallway appear longer or a dining space feel more open. Whenever possible, your mirror should reflect light back into the room, so consider your lighting sources — especially windows — when choosing a location for them.

At John-William Interiors, we work with clients daily on projects like these, and would be pleased to help you. Stop by or call and we can begin the process of exploring the options for updating your home — no matter how big or small.